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  • Managing Your Security Risks
    Does your company expect its employees to work in challenging or hostile environments? If so, are you responsible for that risk and have you considere...
    07 February 2019
  • Russia-NATO: The thawing of the Cold War Détente
    Date first published: 5/2/2018 Key sectors: security Key risks: arms race; geopolitical instability In October 2018, US President Donald Trump annou...
    06 February 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 4 February 2019
    Americas: Fallout from Brumadinho dam collapse to continue to hit Brazil’s Vale Sectors: mining; metals Key Risks: fines; lawsuits; credit rating do...
    04 February 2019
  • China – United States: Waaah – wei!
    Date first published: 30/1/2019 Key sectors: technology; various Key risks: great-power rivalry; trade war; sanctions On 28 January the US Department...
    30 January 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 28 January 2019
    Americas: Further anti-government unrest expected in Venezuela as pressure on Maduro mounts Sectors: all Key Risks: political instability; civil unres...
    28 January 2019
  • Colombia: The end of ELN peace talks – for now
    Date first published: 22/1/2018 Key sectors: oil and gas; electricity; security force/government personnel and assets Key risks: insurgency; terroris...
    23 January 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 21 January 2019
    Americas: Tensions increase following ELN car bomb attack in Colombia’s capital Sectors: oil and gas; electricity; security-force/government personn...
    21 January 2019
  • Gabon: A botched coup
    Date first published: 16/1/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; political violence; civil unrest In the early morning of 7 January...
    16 January 2019
  • Political Risk Outlook Q4 2018 – Ones to Watch
    AKE's Political Risk Outlook Special Report contains a selection of five countries from around the world where the political landscape was fundamental...
    16 January 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 14 January 2019
    Americas: Disruptive shortages amid crackdown on fuel theft to continue across Mexico Sectors: all Key Risks: fuel shortages; disruptive unrest; fuel ...
    14 January 2019
  • Israel: Bye-Bye Bibi
    Date first published: 7/1/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: political stability; security With just over three months until Israel’s early election...
    09 January 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 7 January 2019
    Americas: Venezuela’s Maduro to take office for second term amid growing tensions Sectors: all Key Risks: political instability; civil unrest; crack...
    07 January 2019