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  • Ones to Watch, 22 October 2018
    Americas: Far-right Jair Bolsonaro likely to win Brazil’s polarised presidential runoff Sectors: all Key Risks: political stability; civil unrest; p...
    22 October 2018
  • Brazil: Expected polarisation
    Date first published: 9/10/2018 Key sectors: all Key risks: policy uncertainty; electoral unpredictability; governability Polarisation has been one of...
    17 October 2018
  • Political Risk Outlook Q3 2018 – Ones to Watch
    AKE's Political Risk Outlook Special Report contains a selection of five countries from around the world where the political landscape was fundamental...
    16 October 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 15 October 2018
    Americas: Court rulings affecting mining projects in Chile Sectors: mining Key Risks: frustration of process; contract scrutiny   In Chile, court ru...
    15 October 2018
  • Maldives: An end to political infighting?
    Date first published: 4/10/2018 Key sectors: all Key risks: civil unrest; political instability On 24 September President Abdulla Yameen formally conc...
    10 October 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 8 October 2018
    Americas: Costa Rica’s controversial tax reform moves forward; strike to continue Sectors: all Key Risks: civil unrest; strikes; policy changes In C...
    08 October 2018
  • Russia – Ukraine: The battle of the Churches
    Date first published: 27/09/2018 Key sectors: all Key risks: civil unrest, property disputes The Russian Orthodox Church recently announced that it wi...
    03 October 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 1 October 2018
    Americas: General elections in Brazil to lead to polarised presidential runoff Sectors: all Key Risks: policy uncertainty; political instability; civi...
    01 October 2018
  • Colombia: ELN peace talks at high risk of collapse
    Date first published: 18/09/2018 Key sectors: oil and gas; electricity; security forces Key risks: insurgency; terrorism; targeted violence; kidnappin...
    26 September 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 24 September 2018
    Americas: Labour unions launch 36-hour strike against Argentina’s government Sectors: all Key Risks: strikes; civil unrest; governability; policy co...
    24 September 2018
  • China – Sub-Saharan Africa: ChinAfrica at a crossroads
    Date first published: 11/09/2018 Key sectors: infrastructure Key risks: CF; political interference If China’s promise to make an additional US$60bl...
    19 September 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 17 September 2018
    Americas: Showdown between Peru’s executive and legislative powers to intensify Sectors: all Key Risks: governability; policy continuity; political ...
    17 September 2018