News and updates

  • Armenia – Azerbaijan: A tangled conflict
    Date first published: 20/10/2020 Key sectors: all; oil and gas Key risks: external conflict; regional stability On 27 September conflict reignited bet...
    22 October 2020
  • Ones to Watch, 19 October 2020
    Americas: Further disruptive unrest likely in Costa Rica despite blockades being lifted Sectors: all Key Risks: cargo transport disruption; policy unc...
    19 October 2020
  • Chile: Imposed agenda; uncertain reform
    Date first published: 14/10/2020 Key sectors: all Key risks: civil unrest; policy continuity; looting; arson attacks; violent clashes Chile faces two ...
    15 October 2020
  • Ones to Watch, 12 October 2020
    Americas: Bolivia to face crucial general elections; uncertainty over potential runoff mounts Sectors: all Key Risks: violent unrest; arson attacks; p...
    12 October 2020
  • Cameroon: One year after failed dialogue, revived peace process offers hope
    Key sectors: all Key risks: internal conflict; political violence; political stability Date first published: 06/10/2020 4 October marked the anniversa...
    08 October 2020
  • Political Risk Outlook Q3 2020 – Ones to Watch
    AKE's Political Risk Outlook Special Report contains a selection of five countries from around the world where the political landscape was fundamental...
    07 October 2020
  • Ones to Watch, 5 October 2020
    Americas: Unrest set to intensify in Chile ahead of protest movement anniversary, referendum Sectors: all Key Risks: violent unrest; arson attacks; bu...
    05 October 2020
  • Mexico: Unrest over the water debt
    Date first published: 29/09/2020 Key sectors: agriculture; commercial; public services Key risks: damage to infrastructure; revenue loses; business di...
    02 October 2020
  • Saudi Arabia – United States: What a Biden presidency would mean for Riyadh
    Date first published: 28/09/2020 Key sectors: oil & gas; infrastructure Key risks: energy security; sanctions US Presidential Democratic nominee J...
    01 October 2020
  • Ones to Watch, 28 September
    Americas: Protests over lack of public services risk further escalation across Venezuela Sectors: all Key Risks: violent unrest; crackdown on dissent ...
    28 September 2020
  • Ones to Watch, 21 September
    Americas: Bolivia’s interim president Anez withdraws from presidential race ahead of vote Sectors: all Key Risks: political instability; civil unres...
    21 September 2020
  • United Kingdom: Another Brexit crisis
    Date first published: 15/09/2020 Key risks: trade disputes; political stability; frustration of process Key sectors: all Much has happened in the Uni...
    16 September 2020