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Worldwide: The Liquefied Natural Gas revolution

Date first published: 05/10/2017 Key sectors: natural gas; oil; renewables Key risks: n/a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) may be transforming international

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Ones to Watch, 9 October 2018

Americas: Corruption fallout in Brazil far from over Sectors: construction; oil and gas Key Risks: non-payment; reputational risks In Brazil,

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Iraq: Kurdistan votes; what now?

Date first published: 28/09/2017 Key sectors: military and defence; humanitarian aid; internal security Key risks: civil unrest; terrorism; foreign military confrontation Of the

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Ones to Watch, 2 October 2017

Americas: Government and ELN begin temporary bilateral ceasefire Sectors: all Key Risks: terrorism; insurgency In Colombia, the government and the

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North Korea: Kim’s a rocket man, but his circuits aren’t fried

Date first published: 21/09/2017 Key sectors:all Key risks:external conflict ‘If forced to defend ourselves and our allies, we will have no

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AKE Ones to Watch, 25 September 2017

Americas: International pressure on Venezuela continues to mount Sectors: all Key Risks: non-payment; FX shortage; political instability In Venezuela, the

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AKE Special Report: Public – Private Partnerships in Latin America

Date published: 20/09/2017 Analysis of the environment for PPP projects in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina Public – Private Partnerships (PPPs)

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Uganda – Tanzania: Political violence risks to oil infrastructure

Date first published: 14/09/2017 Key sectors: infrastructure; extractives industries Key risks: land disputes; civil unrest; terrorism On 4 August Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

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Ones to Watch, 18 September 2017

Americas: President Temer faces new criminal charges – and is likely to survive them Sectors: all Key Risks: political instability;

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Morocco: Risks in the Rif

Date first published: 07/09/2017 Key sectors: manufacturing; small businesses; textiles Key risks: civil unrest; political violence; strikes On 28 October 2016, casual street

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Angola: Elections cast uncertainty over dos Santos empire

Date: 29/08/2017 Key sectors:oil Key risks:corruption; flatlining economic growth; failure to diversify; non-payment; policy continuity With 98 per cent of the

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Argentina: Macri’s first electoral test

Date first published: 22/08/2017 Key sectors:all Key risks:policy continuity; political stability President Mauricio Macri’s government appears set to pass its first

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AKE provides up to the minute intelligence and analysis on political, security, economic and reputational risks around the world.

Our in-house, London-based team is made up of regional and linguistic experts with a deep understanding of local issues, who tailor our intelligence to the concerns of the client and the risks that they may face.

The department is supported by security risk specialists operating in the field, who are able to provide real-time updates on developments on the ground, as well as a private network of contributing sources.  To discuss how our analysts’ insights can provide you with a competitive advantage, please contact us.

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