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Sri Lanka: Sectarian violence, political crisis and terrorism

Key sectors: all Key risks: terrorism On 21 April a series of six near-simultaneous bomb attacks were carried out in

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Ones to Watch, 29 April 2019

Americas: Panama’s upcoming general elections unlikely to significantly alter main policies Sectors: all Key Risks: political stability; corruption; economic and

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Ukraine: Landslide of uncertainty

Date first published: 23/4/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: civil war; terrorism; project disruption Volodymyr Zelensky’s landslide victory, with 73 per

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Ones to Watch, 23 April 2019

Americas: Measures to control inflation and reduce budget deficit continue in Argentina Sectors: all Key Risks: political stability; economic and

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Libya: The final piece of Haftar’s puzzle

Date first published: 16/4/2019 Key sectors: oil & gas; all Key risks: political stability; security; confiscation and expropriation; war on land

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AKE Special Report – Nigeria After the Elections

AKE’s Special Report discusses the state of Nigeria’s economy, assesses the prospects and potential impact of oil-sector reform and identifies

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Ones to Watch, 15 April 2019

Americas: Brazil’s Petrobras cancels diesel price hike amid ongoing divestment efforts Sectors: gas and oil Key Risks: political interference; business

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Ecuador: Weathering fragmentation and austerity costs

Date first published: 4/4/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: non-payment; governability; civil unrest The government of President Lenin Moreno is set

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Political Risk Outlook Q1 2019 – Ones to Watch

AKE's Political Risk Outlook Special Report contains a selection of five countries from around the world where the political landscape

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Ones to Watch, 8 April 2019

Americas: Agreement to end two-month blockade at Peru’s Las Bambas copper mine reached Sectors: extractive industries Key Risks: force majeure;

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Tonga: A litmus test for democracy

Date first published: 2/4/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: political stability Recent developments in Tonga have thrown the political landscape into

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Ones to Watch, 1 April 2019

Americas: Venezuela to face heightened tensions, risk of escalation      Sectors: all Key Risks: political instability; military intervention; sanctions; arbitrary

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Political risk consultancy, global security intelligence

AKE provides up to the minute intelligence and analysis on political, security, economic and reputational risks around the world.

Our in-house, London-based team is made up of regional and linguistic experts with a deep understanding of local issues, who tailor our intelligence to the concerns of the client and the risks that they may face.

The department is supported by security risk specialists operating in the field, who are able to provide real-time updates on developments on the ground, as well as a private network of contributing sources.  To discuss how our analysts’ insights can provide you with a competitive advantage, please contact us.

AKE Special Reports

In-depth, downloadable security and political risk insights from our team of analysts.
AKE Special Report: China’s 19th National Congress and the Economy

The 19th National Party Congress and China’s EconomyWhile the Communist Party’s quinquennial National Congress is the biggest event in the

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AKE Special Report: Public – Private Partnerships in Latin America

Date published: 20/09/2017 Analysis of the environment for PPP projects in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina Public – Private Partnerships (PPPs)

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AKE Special Report: Threats to Business Travellers

Business travel security is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Whether you are travelling overseas for business or pleasure, there will be factors

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AKE Special Report: Africa’s August Elections

Date published: 20/07/2017A democratic test for Rwanda, Kenya and AngolaIn August 2017 the citizens of Rwanda, Kenya and Angola head

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Hostile environment training - journalist security - risk assessment for journalists
AKE Special Report: Journalist Security in Hostile Environments

Journalist security in hostile environmentsJournalists travelling to hostile regions to cover conflict and humanitarian crises, or to expose corruption and

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Special Report: A state captured? Prospects for South Africa in 2017

A year is a long time in politics, and 2016 marked a number of watershed moments in South Africa’s democratic

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Special Report: Terrorist Threat in West Africa

  Following French military intervention in Mali in 2013, terrorist attacks in West Africa have escalated in retaliation. The risk

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Special Report: Brazil’s Olympic Security Challenges

  Brazil to face a heightened risk of terrorism ahead of and during the Games Growing attention drawn to the

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