Our Resilience services consist of a comprehensive suite of training courses designed to help clients avoid, react and recover from adversity and dangerous situations, enabling them to recognise, cope and deal with exigencies.

We provide a range of Training services including:

  • Wide range of Hostile Environment Training packages (HET)
  • Hostile event, active assailant and active shooter training programmes
  • Crisis and conflict management training
  • First aid and medical emergency courses
  • Travel awareness and safety courses
  • Contractor on Deployed Operations Course (CONDO)
  • Advanced/ adverse environment driver training
  • Exposure and scenario training modules to simulate dangerous situations such as kidnap or hostage taking
  • Refresher courses

Our Resilience approach

We offer a range of specialist training modules for the hospitality, oil and gas and media industries. This includes over 70 safety and first aid modules designed for security and other operational staff, as well as training for conflict resolution, in-house investigations, crisis management, fire-fighting and other safety concerns.

Our resilience courses are specifically designed to enable clients to apply a range of planning, response and other control measures to reduce their vulnerability and ensure their own safety and security.

AKE Dovehills Training Centre

We are the only UK HET provider to own and operate a purpose-built and fully integrated HET facility.

Our Hereford training centre features dedicated training rooms, scenario areas, and luxury onsite accommodation with dining and lounge facilities. The property is located within over 400 acres of accessible rural surrounds, allowing for a range of training scenarios to be conducted in absolute privacy.

AKE can also arrange fully catered bespoke courses, corporate and private retreats, and can facilitate on-site activities upon request.

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