For over 20 years we have supported frontline journalists, NGO's and industry clients working in challenging, remote and hostile environments worldwide. No situation is too difficult, and no problem insurmountable.

Our approach is intelligence-led and built upon detailed and insightful analysis, coupled with an understanding of each client’s ethos and requirements. Contact us to devise a targeted and highly effective strategy.

Security assessments

Project planning and site surveys.

Actionable, intelligence-led planning, advice and security assessments delivered by an experienced team. We assess risks affecting overseas deployments, worksites, accommodation facilities and remote project sites to support risk management, resource allocation and decision making. Learn more.

High risk field support

Planning, security and crisis response.

Our team of Security Risk Specialists are on hand to help plan for deployments to high risk locations, and to travel with teams to provide security, medical and logistical support anywhere in the world. Learn more.

Embedded security and safety advisors

Remote site management and capacity building.

We source individuals and teams to help our clients manage risks, develop in-house capacity and upskill personnel working on long term projects. Our advisors are fully supported by our UK and Singapore offices to develop security and safety at remote and challenging projects. Learn more.


Global coverage and a range of hardware.

Monitor personnel, vehicles and assets operating in remote and challenging environments. We offer a range of satellite tracking devices on one platform, with a secure client login. Learn more.