News and updates

  • Argentina: Drug violence (finally) in the spotlight
    Date first published: 21/03/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: drug trafficking; targeted killings; arson attacks; extortion; crime-related violence &nb...
    22 March 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 20 March 2023
    Americas: Foreign exchange shortage stokes concerns over Bolivia’s deepening financial crisis Sectors: all Key Risks: credit risk; economic risk; bu...
    20 March 2023
  • Israel – West Bank: Settler violence reshaping security in the West Bank
    On 26 February around 400 Israeli settlers stormed the Palestinian town of Huwarah in southern Nablus and killed at least one Palestinian, injured doz...
    17 March 2023
  • Australia: A national security focus on investments
    Date first published: 09/03/2023 Key sectors: mining; national security; foreign investment Key risks: economic risks; business risks; frustration of ...
    15 March 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 13 March 2023
    Americas: Tech investment hit as SVB becomes second largest US bank to collapse Sectors: finance, technology Key Risks: banking crisis; slower investm...
    13 March 2023
  • Ecuador: Further instability, disruptive unrest looms
    Date first published: 07/03/2023 Key sectors: all; oil and gas; mining; cargo transport; retail Key risks: political instability; governability; busin...
    08 March 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 6 March 2023
    Americas: Fresh anti-government unrest expected in Peru’s southern regions Sectors: all; mining; cargo transport Key Risks: civil unrest; business i...
    06 March 2023
  • US: attacks on infrastructure
    Date first published: 28/02/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: terrorism; civilian infrastructure   Risk development In the first eight months of 2...
    01 March 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 27 February 2023
    Americas: Ecuador’s CONAIE abandons government talks, demands Lasso’s resignation  Sectors: all; cargo transport Key Risks: political stability; ...
    27 February 2023
  • Nigeria – Tinubu expected to snatch 25 February presidential election
    Date first published: 16/02/23 Key sectors: all; oil and gas Key risks: political stability, policy uncertainty Risk development On 15 February two Ni...
    24 February 2023
  • One year of war in Ukraine
    24 February 2023 marks exactly one year since Russia's President Vladimir Putin launched the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. His plan to capture Kyiv ...
    23 February 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 20 February 2023
    Americas:  IMF-backed austerity measures spark unrest in Suriname Sectors: all Key Risks: civil unrest; political violence; political stability In Su...
    20 February 2023