News and updates

  • Worldwide: FTX and the future of crypto
    Date first published: 10/01/2023 Key sectors: technology; finance Key risks: credit risks; market contagion   Risk development In November 2022 F...
    11 January 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 9 January 2023
    Americas: Civic committee leader declares day of national protest on 10 January in Bolivia Sectors: all; transport Key Risks: civil unrest; political ...
    09 January 2023
  • Political Risk Outlook Q4 2022 – Ones to Watch
    AKE's Political Risk Outlook Special Report contains a selection of five countries from around the world where the political or economic landscape was...
    05 January 2023
  • Papua New Guinea: Lawlessness in Hela
    Date first published: 03/01/2023 Key sectors: oil and gas Key risks: civil unrest; violent clashes; business risks   Risk development On 16 Decem...
    04 January 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 3 January 2023
    Americas: Colombia’s government, five armed groups agree to six-month bilateral ceasefire  Sectors: all Key Risks: terrorism; insurgency; targeted ...
    03 January 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 28 December 2022
    Americas: Security forces foil bomb plot ahead of Lula’s inauguration in Brazil Sectors: all Key Risks: political violence; civil unrest In Brazil,...
    28 December 2022
  • South Africa: A bruised, battered and divided ANC leadership
    Date first published: 15/12/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; policy uncertainty   Risk development On 13 December Members ...
    21 December 2022
  • Ones to Watch, 19 December 2022
    Americas:  Fresh US sanctions to hamper government-opposition talks in Venezuela Sectors: all Key Risks: sanctions risk; political stability In Venez...
    19 December 2022
  • Venezuela: Fewer sanctions, more dialogue?
    Date first published: 8/12/2022 Key sectors: all; oil and gas Key risks: political stability; sanctions   Risk development On 26 November the Uni...
    14 December 2022
  • Ones to Watch, 12 December 2022
    Americas: Peru’s President Boluarte announces bill for snap elections amid nationwide protests  Sectors: all Key Risks: civil unrest; political vio...
    12 December 2022
  • Sahel – The Sino-Russian quest to unseat France
    Rising anti-French sentiment has been evident across the Sahel for several years, leading to increased protests targeting French interests in the regi...
    09 December 2022
  • Qatar: A failed sportswashing operation?
    Date first published: 01/12/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: regional stability; reputational risk   Risk development The 2022 FIFA World Cup, th...
    08 December 2022