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  • Argentina: The libertarian shock
    Date first published: 17/08/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: policy uncertainty; governability; political stability; economic Risk development On 13 A...
    23 August 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 21 August 2023
    Americas: Preliminary presidential runoff result awaits certification amid tension in Guatemala Sectors: all Key Risks: political stability; civil unr...
    21 August 2023
  • Myanmar: No sign of abating
    Date first published: 10/08/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: political violence; political instability; violent clashes; civil war Risk development On...
    16 August 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 14 August 2023
    Americas: Heightened risk of political violence in Ecuador ahead of 20 August snap elections Sectors: all Key Risks: political violence; policy uncert...
    14 August 2023
  • The Wagner Mutiny – Implications for stability and security in Africa and Eurasia
    This AKE Special Report examines the aftermath of Wagner Group’s 23-24 June mutiny in Russia and its implications for regional stability and securit...
    10 August 2023
  • Haiti: Nairobi answers Henry’s calls for help
    Date first published: 08/08/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: gang-related violence; organised crime; violent crime Risk development On 27 July the Ken...
    09 August 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 7 August 2023
    Americas: Argentina to decide its presidential candidates in 13 August primaries Sectors: all Key Risks: political instability; policy uncertainty In ...
    07 August 2023
  • Niger: The impact of another putsch in West Africa
    Date first published: 01/08/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: war on land; political instability; sanctions; business disruption Risk development On...
    02 August 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 31 July 2023
    Americas: Government, ELN six-month bilateral ceasefire to take effect in Colombia Sectors: all; oil and gas; transport; electricity Key Risks: terror...
    31 July 2023
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Politics of subversion
    Date first published: 25/07/2023 Key sector: all Key risks: political instability; ethnic tensions; internal conflict Risk development On 21 June 20...
    26 July 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 24 July 2023
    Americas: Mayor, 11 inmates killed as uptick in violent crime consolidates in Ecuador Sectors: all Key Risks: political violence; violent crime; gang-...
    24 July 2023
  • Japan: Fukushima nuclear waste and fish diplomacy
    Date first published: 18/07/2023 Key sectors: fishing; seafood Key risks: environmental; economic; business disruption Risk development On 4 July the ...
    19 July 2023