Our services are designed to help clients evolve from an unstructured ‘reactionary’ approach to security or risk situations, to a measured, calculated, ‘response’ orientation.

To enable this, we offer three distinct services or pillars that can deliver specific security or risk services, or be combined to enable an integrated approach based on client requirements.


Our extensive range of expert security, medical and logistical services are designed to protect and enable our clients to alleviate or reduce the risks to themselves and their operations in all environments and challenging conditions. These include embedded security consultants, safety advisory, close protection, security surveys, security system design and crisis response services.

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Our international analyst team provides expert political, economic and security risk analysis, as well as specialist intelligence reporting, security briefs, market risk research and economic modelling services. This enables our clients to have a clear and current understanding of political and economic risks, security concerns and dynamic global issues.

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In addition to our pioneering Hostile Environment Training (HET), AKE offers over 70 specialist security and safety training courses. These can be delivered at our dedicated training centres in the UK, or anywhere in the world. Courses can be customised to meet client requirements.

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With operations in over 60 countries, operating in some of the world’s most hostile regions, we have the experience and expertise to ensure your complete safety and security.