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Latest news, political risk analysis and expert insight:

Political Risk Outlook Q2 2018 – Ones to Watch

The political landscape in several countries has been upended over the past year and the months ahead are set to

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Russia – China: Beijing’s option on Rosneft

Date first published: 06/03/2018 Key risks: frustration of process; contract frustration; credit risk Key sectors: energy The Chinese government has an option to

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Ones to Watch, 12 March 2018

Americas: Venezuelan opposition to resume anti-government protests Sectors: all Key Risks: civil unrest; security-force repression; political violence In Venezuela, the

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Brazil: All eyes on the election

Date first published: 27/02/2018 Key sectors: all Key risks: governability; delays to fiscal reform agenda; policy uncertainty All eyes in Brazil are on

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AKE’s Senior Political Risk Analyst Maximilian Hess speaks with Deutsche Welle

AKE’s Senior Political Risk Analyst Maximilian Hess speaks with Deutsche Welle following a poisoning in Britain linked to Russia.  

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Ones to Watch, 5 March 2018

Americas: Targeted violence continues to affect Colombia’s electoral cycle Sectors: all Key Risks: targeted attacks; terrorism; political polarisation In Colombia,

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Ones to Watch, 26 February 2018

Americas: Macri to inaugurate Congress’ session; union-led unrest likely Sectors: all Key Risks: union-led unrest; delays to reform agenda; policy

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Maldives: Sinking literally and politically

Date first published: 13/02/2018 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; debt repayments; geopolitical rivalry The Maldives’ President Abdulla Yameen has sought to

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Ones to Watch, 19 February 2018

Americas: Brazil’s Congress to discuss government-backed pension reform Sectors: all Key Risks: policy uncertainty; delays to fiscal reform agenda In

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Ones to Watch, 12 February 2018

Americas: Uncertainty over the future of ELN peace talks to persist Sectors: all Key Risks: terrorism; insurgency In Colombia, uncertainty

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Diamonds aren’t forever

Date: 30/01/2018 Key sectors: mining Key risks: diamond dependence One of the world’s poorest countries at independence in 1966, Botswana swiftly became one

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Ones to Watch, 5 February 2018

  Americas: US considering sanctioning Venezuelan oil to increase pressure on Maduro Sectors: all, particularly oil and gas Key Risks:

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