Risk Insights

  • United States: A rising risk of violent extremism
    Date first published: 19/01/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: extremist violence; terrorism; civil unrest   Risk development On 6 January, the day...
    20 January 2021
  • EU – UK: Post-Brexit trade deal finally signed
    Date first published: 12/01/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: trade disruptions   Risk development The United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union ...
    13 January 2021
  • Kyrgyzstan: Japarov, jailbreaks and jittery politics
    Date first published: 05/01/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: political uncertainty; economic risks; civil unrest; crime   Risk development On 10 ...
    06 January 2021
  • Central African Republic: 2012.2?
    Date first published: 24/12/2020 Key sectors: all Key risks: internal conflict; political instability   Risk development Days before general elec...
    30 December 2020
  • Brazil: Next-level banditry
    Date first published: 17/12/2020 Key sectors: banking; insurance Key risks: organised crime   Risk development Two sensational commando-style ban...
    23 December 2020
  • Japan: SoftBank continues to evolve
    Date first published: 10/12/2020 Key sectors: telecommunications; technology Key risks: credit risks   Risk development SoftBank continues to evo...
    16 December 2020
  • Moldova: An uphill struggle
    Date first published: 03/12/2020 Key sectors: all Key risks: political; economic; corruption; institutional reform   Risk development On 16 Novem...
    09 December 2020
  • Morocco: Western Sahara – a neglected conflict
    Date first published: 26/11/2020 Key sectors: mining; commercial transport Key risks: war on land; business disruption; unrest   Risk Development...
    02 December 2020
  • Afghanistan: The US’s longest war and the impossibility of ending it
    Date first published: 19/11/2020 Key sectors: all Key risks: civil war; troop deployments; terrorism   Risk development Serious questions are bei...
    26 November 2020
  • Ethiopia: A war by any other name
    Key sectors: all Key risks: internal conflict; external conflict;political instability; economic risks Date first published: 17/11/2020   Risk de...
    18 November 2020
  • France – Middle East and North Africa: Repercussions of the ‘prophet row’
    Date first published: 03/11/2020 Key sectors: retail; food & drink; luxury fashion Key risks: sanctions; FoP; CF; terrorism On 16 October French...
    04 November 2020
  • Bolivia: MAS Evo?
    Date first published: 27/10/2020 Key sectors: all Key risks: policy continuity; political instability; civil unrest The leftist Movement to Socialism ...
    29 October 2020