Risk Insights

  • Japan: Fukushima nuclear waste and fish diplomacy
    Date first published: 18/07/2023 Key sectors: fishing; seafood Key risks: environmental; economic; business disruption Risk development On 4 July the ...
    19 July 2023
  • Saudi Arabia: Government backs mining sector expansion
    Date first published: 06/07/2023 Key sectors: mining Key risks: economic Risk development Saudi Arabia – the world’s largest oil exporter – has ...
    12 July 2023
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: The future for Wagner in Africa
    Date first published: 04/07/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: war on land; terrorism; political instability Risk development On 23 June Yevgeniy Prigoz...
    06 July 2023
  • Russia: The mutiny
    Date first published: 27/06/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: war on land; internal conflict; political instability Risk overview Late on 23 June the h...
    28 June 2023
  • Colombia: The long-awaited and ever challenging ELN ceasefire
    Date first published: 15/06/2023 Key sectors: all; oil and gas; transport; electricity Key risks: terrorism; insurgency; violent crime; targeted attac...
    21 June 2023
  • Cambodia: A looming succession
    Date first published: 13/06/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; arbitrary detentions; civil unrest   Risk development On 25 M...
    14 June 2023
  • Syria: The return of Bashar al-Assad to the Arab fold
    Date first published: 01/06/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: internal conflict; political stability; political violence   Risk development On 19 ...
    07 June 2023
  • Russia: (In)significant incursion
    Date first published: 30/05/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: war on land Risk development On 21 May members of the Russian anti-Kremlin partisan gro...
    31 May 2023
  • Thailand: Moving forward
    Date first published: 18/05/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; policy uncertainty; civil unrest; coup d’état   Risk devel...
    25 May 2023
  • Pakistan: What happens next?
    Date first published: 16/05/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: civil unrest, political violence, economic crisis Risk development Pakistan is facing the...
    17 May 2023
  • Armenia-Azerbaijan: Baku’s checkpoint and difficult talks
    Date first published: 04/05/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: war on land; civil unrest Risk description On 23 April Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry annou...
    10 May 2023
  • Turkey: Erdogan’s power struggle
    Date first published: 02/05/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: political stability; economic policy; civil unrest   Risk development The 14 May pre...
    03 May 2023