News and updates

  • China-Taiwan-US: A trip to Taipei
    Date first published: 02/08/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: war on land; business risks   Risk development US Speaker of the House Representativ...
    03 August 2022
  • Ones to Watch, 1 August 2022
    Americas Major policy shifts expected as Colombia’s Gustavo Petro takes office on 7 August Sectors: all Key Risks:  policy uncertainty; political s...
    01 August 2022
  • AKE Special Report: Replacing Boris
    This special report looks at the race to replace UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In the first stage of voting MPs narrowed the field to Foreign Secre...
    29 July 2022
  • European Union: Aviation in crisis
    Date first published: 21/07/2022 Key sectors: aviation Key risks: flight disruption, labour shortages, strikes   Risk development The COVID-19 ...
    27 July 2022
  • Ones to Watch, 25 July 2022
    Americas Presidential race to heat up as Bolsonaro and Lula officially confirm their candidacies Sectors: all Key Risks: political violence; policy co...
    25 July 2022
  • Uzbekistan: Mirziyoyev at a crossroads
    Date first published: 14/07/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: civil unrest   Risk overview On 1 July 18 people were killed and 243 injured after p...
    20 July 2022
  • Ones to Watch, 18 July 2022
    Americas: Protests set to continue in Panama despite deal between government and Anadepo Sectors: all Key Risks:  civil unrest; strikes; supply chain...
    19 July 2022
  • Hong Kong SAR: The New Security Law under John Lee
    Date first published: 07/07/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: internal conflict; civil unrest; political stability   Risk development On 1 July pr...
    13 July 2022
  • Quarterly Kidnap & Ransom Report: Q2 2022
    AKE's Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) Q2 2022 Special Report contains a selection of key K&R cases, trends and analyses based on AKE’s research on d...
    11 July 2022
  • Ones to Watch, 11 July 2022
    Americas: Cuba’s government-led crackdown on dissent persists a year after 11J protests Sectors: all Key Risks: government-led crackdown; arbitrary ...
    11 July 2022
  • Political Risk Outlook Q2 2022 – Ones to Watch
    AKE's Political Risk Outlook Special Report contains a selection of five countries from around the world where the political or economic landscape was...
    07 July 2022
  • Colombia: Petro
    Date first published: 30/06/2022 Key sectors: all; oil and gas; mining Key risks: policy continuity; political stability; economic and business risks;...
    06 July 2022