We inform your decision making, enabling you to enter, operate and invest in challenging environments globally, helping you reduce risk, seize opportunities and competitive advantage.

Flexible, agile and impactful analysis

Since 2002, our analytical team has provided clear and current consulting services on a range of political, economic and market risks, security concerns and dynamic global issues. Our insights enable clients across multiple sectors to operate sustainably in strategic markets and make risk-adjusted decisions.

Our in-house, London-based analysis team comprises regional, linguistic and subject matter specialists. The team analyses a range of open and privileged sources and, with their regional and country specific experience, delivers concise, actionable intelligence specific to client needs.

From undertaking due-diligence on prospective local agents or assessing a new market for entry, to risk modelling exposure for an underwriting team, investigative analysis for a legal team, pre-deployment risk briefing for a media client or keeping contractors on the ground informed, our solutions are flexible, agile and impactful.

Ready to support your bespoke requirements, for example:

  • Political, economic, credit and security risks consultancy
  • Embedded political and economic risk consultants
  • Bespoke risk reports
  • Country and area risk outlines, pre-deployment and travel risk assessments
  • Quantitative risk modelling
  • Portfolio analysis – global economic and political risk modelling
  • Market entry analysis and de-risking services
  • Economic forecasting and project analysis
  • Customised risk dashboards
  • Corporate intelligence and due-diligence
  • Bespoke risk briefings, presentations and round table discussions
  • Historical risk analysis
  • Intelligence database with over 15 years of information

Off the shelf

We deliver instant access to our intelligence platform Global Intake which provides political, economic and security analysis, strategic forecasting, security and political risk ratings, travel and medical risk profiles and key incident mapping.

Inform your decision making

We are committed to making quality analysis on key global issues accessible and affordable. You can access, download and even subscribe to receive our regular free analytical content below.

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It’s never been more important for businesses and organisations to have access to current, credible and actionable information.

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