Specialist Services

Our Specialist Services are designed to augment risk mitigation; delivering integrated technologies, equipment and expert skill sets, from investigation to security systems and specialist vehicles to low-key, high-net-worth protection.

Delivering the most impactful solutions.

Specialist Vehicles

AKE can provide a range of specialist vehicle services including consulting, design and acquisition or fabrication. Whether it is our own-design Fire Response Vehicles (FRV) with foam suppression systems for remote facilities and resorts, or sourcing and configuring armoured vehicles for hostile environments, AKE can meet all your security vehicle requirements.

Our expertise in remote area commissioning, service and maintenance is regularly utilised by a diverse range of clients. Our ability to deploy and source regionally ensures cost effective solutions.

Technical and Electronic Security Consultancy (TESC)

Our TESC capabilities provide an excellent example of our ability to augment risk mitigation. By combining our expertise in security design with qualified, vetted engineers we deliver fit for purpose technical solutions while mitigating the risk of third-parties gaining knowledge of your security system.

We provide our clients with assurance, deliver flexible, sustainable and cost effective TESC solutions across life-of-project including ongoing maintenance and 24/7 remote monitoring.

Executive protection and security

We deliver executive protection services to diplomats, high-profile CEOs and the families of high-net-worth individuals globally. Our experienced team is extensively trained in dignitary protection and incorporates protective security specialists who integrate seamlessly with the client, ensuring a discreet and highly effective response capacity, tailored uniquely to each environment and threat level.

K9 Services

Our K9 services can enhance security provision and risk mitigation. Delivering deter, detect and response functionality but also act as a force multiplier. K9 resources, like any security asset, must be fit for purpose, well selected, well trained, well managed and professionally handled.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services including dogs and handlers with full kennelling, nutrition, insurance and healthcare.

Resources can be deployed globally to deliver effective security counter-measure for the protection of people and assets.

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