Risk Insights

  • United States: Trump and DeSantis
    Date first published: 25/04/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: political polarisation; civil unrest   Risk development In January 2016 Donald Trump...
    26 April 2023
  • Mexico: Trouble in paradise?
    Date first published: 13/04/2023 Key sectors: tourism; all Key risks: organised crime; violent crime; kidnapping; extortion; business disruption   Ri...
    19 April 2023
  • Saudi Arabia – Worldwide: ‘Saudi First’ policy shakes up oil markets
    Date first published: 11/04/2023 Key sectors: oil and gas Key risks: inflation; supply deficit; political tensions   Risk development: On 2 April...
    12 April 2023
  • Israel: Ben-Gvir’s private paramilitary force
    Date first published: 04/04/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: political violence; internal conflict    Risk development On 27 March after 12 cons...
    05 April 2023
  • Central African Republic: Pointing the trigger finger
    Date first published: 28/03/2023  Key sectors: all; mining  Key risks: terrorism   Risk development On 19 March nine Chinese workers were killed an...
    29 March 2023
  • Argentina: Drug violence (finally) in the spotlight
    Date first published: 21/03/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: drug trafficking; targeted killings; arson attacks; extortion; crime-related violence &nb...
    22 March 2023
  • Australia: A national security focus on investments
    Date first published: 09/03/2023 Key sectors: mining; national security; foreign investment Key risks: economic risks; business risks; frustration of ...
    15 March 2023
  • Ecuador: Further instability, disruptive unrest looms
    Date first published: 07/03/2023 Key sectors: all; oil and gas; mining; cargo transport; retail Key risks: political instability; governability; busin...
    08 March 2023
  • US: attacks on infrastructure
    Date first published: 28/02/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: terrorism; civilian infrastructure   Risk development In the first eight months of 2...
    01 March 2023
  • Nigeria – Tinubu expected to snatch 25 February presidential election
    Date first published: 16/02/23 Key sectors: all; oil and gas Key risks: political stability, policy uncertainty Risk development On 15 February two Ni...
    24 February 2023
  • Iran – Russia: an alternative inter-bank system to skirt Western sanctions
    Date first published: 08/02/23 Key sectors: all Key risks: economic, business   Risk development On 30 January Iran and Russia signed a memorandu...
    16 February 2023
  • Sweden-Turkey: Sweden’s burning path to NATO
    Date first published: 02/02/2023 Key sectors: all; defence Key risks: civil unrest; war on land   Risk development On 16 May 2022 the previous Sw...
    08 February 2023