Risk Insights

  • Japan: Let the endless arms race begin
    Date first published: 27/09/2022 Key sectors: all; defence Key risks: war on land; war at sea; arms race Risk development On 31 August the Japanese Mi...
    28 September 2022
  • Sweden: Far-right as kingmakers
    Date first published: 20/09/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: policy uncertainty; political instability; civil unrest   Risk development The gener...
    21 September 2022
  • China: The semiconductor challenge
    Date first published: 13/09/2022 Key sectors: technology Key risks: supply chain disruptions; technological disruption   Risk development In earl...
    14 September 2022
  • Libya: Lost ground
    Date first published: 06/09/2022 Key sectors: oil & gas Key risks: war on land; political violence; political stability   Risk development On...
    07 September 2022
  • Iran – United States: Deal or no deal?
    Date first published: 30/08/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: sanctions   Risk development On 29 August Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi declared t...
    31 August 2022
  • Colombia: ‘Total Peace’?
    Date first published: 23/08/2022 Key sectors: all; oil and gas; electricity Key risks: terrorism; insurgency; violent crime; targeted attacks; kidnapp...
    24 August 2022
  • Kenya: More of the same for the presidential elections?
    Date first published: 11/08/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: policy continuity; political stability; economic; business   Risk development  On 9...
    17 August 2022
  • Russia-Ukraine: A tenuous deal
    Date first published: 04/08/2022 Key sectors: agriculture; shipping; insurance Key risks:  supply chain disruption; trade; business risks; sanctions ...
    10 August 2022
  • China-Taiwan-US: A trip to Taipei
    Date first published: 02/08/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: war on land; business risks   Risk development US Speaker of the House Representativ...
    03 August 2022
  • European Union: Aviation in crisis
    Date first published: 21/07/2022 Key sectors: aviation Key risks: flight disruption, labour shortages, strikes   Risk development The COVID-19 ...
    27 July 2022
  • Uzbekistan: Mirziyoyev at a crossroads
    Date first published: 14/07/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: civil unrest   Risk overview On 1 July 18 people were killed and 243 injured after p...
    20 July 2022
  • Hong Kong SAR: The New Security Law under John Lee
    Date first published: 07/07/2022 Key sectors: all Key risks: internal conflict; civil unrest; political stability   Risk development On 1 July pr...
    13 July 2022