Risk Insights

  • Gulf of Guinea: Turbulent tides
    Date first published: 06/01/2022 Key sectors: commercial shipping Key risks: political violence; kidnap & ransom   Risk development Pirac...
    12 January 2022
  • European Union: COVID-19 protest outlook 2022
    Date first published: 30/12/2021 Key sectors: media; all Key risks: civil unrest; terrorism; public health policy   Risk development In 2021 viol...
    05 January 2022
  • Worldwide: The world economy in 2022
    Date first published: 23/12/21 Key sectors: all Key risks: COVID-19; inflation; debt   Risk development In a baseline case a continued recover...
    30 December 2021
  • Hong Kong SAR: Patriots only!
    Date first published: 16/12/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; civil unrest   Risk development The much-delayed Legislative ...
    22 December 2021
  • Russia – Ukraine: To invade or not to invade
    Date first published: 13/12/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: war on land; political instability; sanctions; trade   Risk development In the fir...
    15 December 2021
  • Honduras: Shift to the left
    Date first published: 02/12/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: policy uncertainty; political stability; regulatory changes   Risk development Lefti...
    08 December 2021
  • Libya: Risky elections
    Date first published: 30/11/2021 Key sectors: oil and gas; all Key risks: political violence; war on land; business disruption; sanctions   Risk ...
    01 December 2021
  • China: Xi Dada
    Date first published: 18/11/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: policy uncertainty; government intervention   Risk development The Sixth Plenary Ses...
    24 November 2021
  • Ethiopia: Crunch time
    Date first published: 11/11/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: internal conflict; political violence; political instability   Risk development  O...
    17 November 2021
  • Georgia: Always polarised?
    Date first published: 09/11/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: political stability   Risk development Thousands of Georgians, spearheaded by the Un...
    10 November 2021
  • Sudan: One step forward, two steps back
    Date first published: 02/11/2021 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; civil unrest   Risk development  On 25 October General Abde...
    03 November 2021
  • Mexico: Refining unrest
    Date first published: 26/10/2021 Key sectors:all; oil and gas; cargo transport Key risks:civil unrest; business disruption; interruption   Risk d...
    27 October 2021