News and updates

  • Ones to Watch, 2 May
    Americas: US to allow sale of Venezuela’s US-based refiner Citgo to settle creditor claims Sectors: all; energy; mining Key Risks: sanctions; busine...
    02 May 2023
  • United States: Trump and DeSantis
    Date first published: 25/04/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: political polarisation; civil unrest   Risk development In January 2016 Donald Trump...
    26 April 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 24 April 2023
    Americas: Paraguay’s 30 April general elections to determine future of ties with Taipei Sectors: all Key Risks: policy shifts; political instability...
    24 April 2023
  • Mexico: Trouble in paradise?
    Date first published: 13/04/2023 Key sectors: tourism; all Key risks: organised crime; violent crime; kidnapping; extortion; business disruption   Ri...
    19 April 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 17 April 2023
    Americas: Annual inflation hits 104.3 per cent in Argentina; economic crisis set to deepen Sectors: all Key Risks: economic; sovereign default In Arge...
    17 April 2023
  • Quarterly Kidnap & Ransom Report: Q1 2023
    AKE's Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) Q1 2023 Special Report contains a selection of key K&R cases, trends and analyses based on AKE’s research on...
    13 April 2023
  • Saudi Arabia – Worldwide: ‘Saudi First’ policy shakes up oil markets
    Date first published: 11/04/2023 Key sectors: oil and gas Key risks: inflation; supply deficit; political tensions   Risk development: On 2 April...
    12 April 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 11 April 2023
    Americas: Brazil’s Petrobras to honour signed asset sales contracts, review other potential deals Sectors: oil and gas Key Risks: business risk; con...
    11 April 2023
  • Political Risk Outlook Q1 2023 – Ones to Watch
    AKE's Political Risk Outlook Special Report contains a selection of five countries from around the world where the political or economic landscape was...
    05 April 2023
  • Israel: Ben-Gvir’s private paramilitary force
    Date first published: 04/04/2023 Key sectors: all Key risks: political violence; internal conflict    Risk development On 27 March after 12 cons...
    05 April 2023
  • Ones to Watch, 3 April 2023
    Americas: Former US president Donald Trump set to face criminal charges Sectors: all Key Risks: political polarisation In the United States, on 4 Apri...
    03 April 2023
  • Central African Republic: Pointing the trigger finger
    Date first published: 28/03/2023  Key sectors: all; mining  Key risks: terrorism   Risk development On 19 March nine Chinese workers were killed an...
    29 March 2023