Who we are

Since 1990, AKE has been providing bespoke security and risk consulting solutions to ensure the complete protection of our clients’ physical interests.

This includes everything from hostile environment training and protective services in conflict zones, to event security planning and facility protection internationally.

We also offer a comprehensive range of political, economic and security analysis services and platforms.

Our services combine to ensure the safety and security of our clients’ operations anywhere in the world.

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We provide services in three key areas

AKE currently delivers its services internationally to a diverse range of corporate and individual clients. These include major oil and gas companies, leading finance, insurance and media organisations, luxury hospitality groups, international conglomerates and major events such as the Singapore Grand Prix.


Direct protection of clients and assets


Security, political and economic risk advisory


Enabling our clients to protect themselves

Client testimonials

[AKE’s Security Consultant] was absolutely brilliant. He made the team feel safe throughout and is such a great guy. We will absolutely be looking to work with him on our next deployment

Foreign Affairs Producer,Fox News

We just had our two-day AKE training course here in Los Angeles. The training was phenomenal. We learned tons and feel much more confident going out in the field. [It was a] pleasure to work with [AKE’s Security Consultant]. He kept us informed, alert and entertained the whole time

Correspondent,Muck Media

As an organisation we have a long standing relationship with AKE. They are our primary training and equipment provider. We receive a first class bespoke service for our organisation’s needs. Instructors are of a very high calibre, as is the overall standard we receive in regards to the broad range of training needs our organisation requires, for which AKE is our go-to provider.

Head of Global Security,Overseas Development Institute

I rest easier when my crew are in hostile environments knowing that they’ve been trained by AKE and are in the hands of their highly skilled professionals.

Tracey Cole – Executive in Charge,Explorer Series

I have worked with AKE Group since the late 90s. AKE provides a targeted and tailored advice specifically aimed at being relevant to the project in play. This is delivered to key decision makers in a form precisely designed to suit their particular needs to inform and to evaluate risk. The key to this is efficient communication and an understanding of our business needs. This combination of factors adds value by being actionable in the agreed form in which it is delivered without much further conversion to "our" language. I commend this methodology and the solid integrity of the team.

Bernie de Haldevang - (Former) Head of FinPro International,Aspen Insurance

I can't recommend highly enough the hostile environment course delivered by AKE. It has proved to be a life saver on the ground and invaluable.

Ross Kemp,Investigative Journalist

I have worked with AKE for 15 years. My professional relationship with them has spanned two different companies that I have worked for, NBC News and FoxNews Channel. AKE is a dedicated professional company. They exhibit professionalism with a human touch. They have kept my field journalists safe in very dangerous and unpredictable theatres. We feel secure in the hands of AKE.

John Stack - VP Newsgathering,Fox News

They're the industry leaders in training and protecting those of our staff working in harm's way. Even those of us who think we have nothing to learn have been humbled at the hands of AKE.

Chris Cramer - (Former) Managing Director,CNN

Global Intake is a first class resource and one which all insurance practitioners with interests in hostile environments should consult as a matter of course. Rapid responses to specific questions are also invaluable.

Andrew Pickthorn,Integro Insurance Brokers Ltd

AKE has on a number of occasions been able to perform with highly skilled teams, on short notice and with a positive attitude that has served us and our customers exceptionally well. Besides protecting personnel and assets, the training aspects have been very well received. AKE’s monthly Anti-Piracy reports and risk alerts have been first class and various commanders have complimented us to being able to have access to the information provided.

Christer Sjodoff - Group Vice President,Gulf Agency Company

For sheer professionalism and attention to detail, AKE have to be the best. Out in the field, other security ‘experts’ look tame in comparison.

Nick Robertson - Senior International Correspondent,CNN

Without AKE's training, I'm convinced that [my colleague] Bengt wouldn't be alive today.

Stefan Borg - Foreign Correspondent,TV4 Sweden