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Russia-Turkey: Dangerous liaisons

Date first published: 26/3/2019 Key sectors: defence; energy Key risks: sanctions In 2017 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed a US$2.5bln

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Ones to Watch, 25 March 2019

Americas: US pressure on Havana intensifies as lawsuits against Cuban entities allowed Sectors: all Key Risks: business disruption; diplomatic fallout;

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Peru: Political violence and operational disruption

Date first published: 14/3/2019 Key sectors: mining; hydrocarbon; commercial; cargo transport Key risks: disruptive strikes; business interruption; civil unrest Peru is

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Ones to Watch, 18 March 2019

Americas: Guyana to miss snap election deadline, constitutional crisis looms Sectors: all Key Risks: political stability; governability In Guyana, the

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Nigeria: Buhari victory means more of the same

Date first published: 12/3/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; internal conflict; civil unrest Far from a promised thriller, Nigeria’s

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Ones to Watch, 11 March 2019

Americas: Nicaraguan opposition threatens to end dialogue absent government concessions Sectors: all Key Risks: business disruption; political instability; civil unrest;

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India-Pakistan: Lessons from the week of war

Date first published: 5/3/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: external conflict On 14 February Pakistani-based Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) rammed a

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Ones to Watch, 4 March 2019

Americas: Petroperu’s pipeline resumes operations; Las Bambas blockades continue Sectors: mining; metals; oil and gas; Key Risks: business disruption; targeted

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Thailand: A touch of royalty

Date first published: 21/2/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; internal conflict; civil unrest On 8 February Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya

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Ones to Watch, 25 February 2019

Americas: Guaido calls for “all options” to be considered to oust Venezuela’s Maduro Sectors: all Key Risks: political instability; military

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Lebanon: All that glitters is not gold

Date first published: 14/2/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: default; political stability; frustration of process; confiscation risk Behind Beirut’s gleaming facade

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Ones to Watch, 18 February 2019

Americas: IMF confirms formal talks with Ecuador, anti-government protests erupt Sectors: all Key Risks: default; civil unrest In Ecuador, negotiations

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AKE provides up to the minute intelligence and analysis on political, security, economic and reputational risks around the world.

Our in-house, London-based team is made up of regional and linguistic experts with a deep understanding of local issues, who tailor our intelligence to the concerns of the client and the risks that they may face.

The department is supported by security risk specialists operating in the field, who are able to provide real-time updates on developments on the ground, as well as a private network of contributing sources.  To discuss how our analysts’ insights can provide you with a competitive advantage, please contact us.

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