Portfolio analysis
Global economic and political risk modelling

AKE has over 15 years of experience in analysing the political, economic and security risks that affect our clients’ financial portfolios. AKE has developed a Probable Maximum Loss (PML) model which assesses the financial impact of a range of political and macroeconomic shocks.

Our approach help inform investors and underwriters of the risks to their portfolios, the economies, sectors and companies that are likely to be affected by crises.

1. Risks to a portfolio

A measure of financial impact in the event of major global economic and political event.

2. Country analysis

A measure of the economies at risk in the event of a major global economic crisis.

3. Sector and company analysis

A measure of the sectors and companies at risk in the event of major global economic events.

Probable Maximum Loss (PML) model

Unexpected shocks can have significant effects on a company’s performance. Radical regime chnage, a sovereign debt crisis, or a hydrocarbon shock will all have financial implications. AKE’s Probable Maximum Loss (PML) model helps companies manage their risks and provides competitive advantages, analysing both the probability and effect of a range of shocks on an insurance or investment client’s specific exposure.

AKE’s Insights team consists of regional and subject matter specialists. We have over 15 years experience in political, economic and security risk management for investors and underwriters in financial services.