Pre-deployment and travel risk assessments

Pre-deployment and travel risk assessments provide security risk analysis and forecasting to help organisations protect their assets and personnel.

AKE’s travel risk assessments identify the key risks to personnel operating in hostile regions, and provide mitigation and pre-deployment planning advice to help keep individuals safe and focusing on the task at hand. Our online travel risk platform, Global Intake, supports the planning and risk management process, and provides real-time alerts and country and regional risk ratings and analysis.

AKE are specialists in providing bespoke travel risk assessments to media and NGOs operating in war zones, as well as oil, gas and mining companies investing in hostile environments.

Developing an understanding of the risks faced by individuals and corporations as well as how best to mitigate those risks, is essential to preventing harm to individuals, reputation, or the integrity of commercial operations.

1. Online travel risk platform

Country, region and city level risk analysis;
travel and medical advice; threat and incident mapping; real-time alerts

2. Travel risk consultancy

Talk to our regional, medical and security specialists to obtain pre-deployment advice, technical equipment and 24/7 support

3. In-depth security risk assessments

Tailored risk assessments providing in-depth threat briefs, as well as security, travel and medical mitigation advice

AKE’s travel risk assessments are produced by regional specialists from our Insights team with support from an experienced and diverse team of security consultants and operational personnel, as well as our award-winning training and 24/7 operations teams, who provide logistics support, tracking and planning assistance for projects in hostile environments.

Contact us to learn more about our field experience, and how we help people understand, plan for and mitigate risks in war zones, severe climates, post-conflict environments or remote locations.

Online travel risk portal – Global Intake

Our online travel risk portal, Global Intake, helps clients produce their own travel risk assessments by evaluating the key threats to their personnel and assets globally, and provides real-time alerts and advisories that are essential for the formulation of an efficient response.

  • Incident mapping and trend analysis
  • Travel risk analysis
  • Practical advice for travellers
  • Security risk ratings
  • Country, region and city-wide risk analysis

Travel risk consultancy

AKE provides consultancy and ongoing support for organisations that regularly send personnel to hostile environments:

  • Analytical threat briefings
  • Practical advice from security and medical specialists
  • Dedicated medical and evacuation support
  • 24/7 support from AKE’s UK operations team

Tailored travel risk assessments

AKE are specialists in providing tailored pre-deployment risk assessments to personnel deploying to war zones or hostile environments:

  • Extensive tailored threat briefs
  • Practical mitigation advice from travel security specialists
  • Pre-deployment planning advice
  • Medical assessment and advice

A succinct report that outlines the key risks in a specific location to inform pre-departure security planning, including areas of concern, recent incidents and basic practical risk mitigation advice. The report is ideal for short term deployments to hostile environments, and is available within a quick turnaround of 1 to 2 working days.

2 to 3 pages in length comprising:

  • Location overview
  • Key risks
  • Risk mitigation advice

A medium-length report that provides country security risk ratings and comparisons, regional geopolitical analysis, location-specific analysis, location mapping including annotations of recent incidents, points of interest and areas of concern, key risks and risk mitigation advice.

The report can be used to inform project planning at a greater level of detail and projective analysis than the Risk Outline. It is available within a turnaround of 3 to 5 working days.

4 to 10 pages in length comprising:

  • Country comparisons
  • Country overview
  • Location analysis
  • Projections
  • Key risks
  • Recent incidents
  • Location mapping
  • Risk mitigation advice

A comprehensive, bespoke security risk assessment that provides considerable detail and analysis of a full range of security risks affecting a longer term project or deployment, used to inform project planning of security and medical risks through in-depth, projective analysis.

Each report is created specifically for the client. The content and subheadings are tailored to ensure key concerns are addressed. The reports are created by AKE’s Insights team with input from Security Risk Specialists (SRS) from AKE’s Mitigation and Resilience services, including advice on how best to address medical, climatic, travel and military threats, contingency planning and in-country advice.

The writing of the report involves contact with both the regional analyst and security specialists who will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s pre-deployment preparations, in-country security management plans and threats specific to each task. The process forms a key component of the planning stage for deployments to high risk environments.

12+ pages in length comprising:

  • Country overview
  • Advanced mapping and imagery
  • Location analysis
  • Key risks
  • Recent incidents and notable dates
  • Projections
  • Operating profile
  • Risk mitigation advice
  • Travel and transport advice
  • In-country advice
  • Medical considerations
  • Contingency considerations

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