Global Intake 2.0 – Online country risk analysis

    Stay informed and make better decisions with expert insight

    Save time researching, collating and analysing global risk information

✓     Manage security and political risks using concise, actionable intelligence


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Gain expert insight on country risk analysis, strategic forecasting and risk mitigation advice for clients affected by security, travel and political risk issues around the world.


Global Intake contains hundreds of detailed country reports updated in real-time, as well as a unique security risk rating scale and an archive of historical analysis going back more than a decade. The emailed intelligence includes daily morning briefings and more in-depth, twice-weekly analytical reports assessing the most important issues of the day.


Political, security and economic risks
Daily Risk Updates
Real time alerts and Risk Advisories
Country risk profiles
1-100 country risk ratings
Medical and travel advice
Forecasting and projective analysis
Historic intelligence archive

Global Intake 2.0 includes daily alerts and continuous updates from our dedicated team of analysts.

Security Incident Reporting

Intuitive, searchable database of tagged and categorised incidents across the world. Search by affected assets or target, filter and track key updates, and customise mapping by incident category including:

  • Terrorist attacks
  • Violent clashes
  • Inter-state violence
  • Kidnap
  • Piracy
  • Civil unrest

Political and Economic Risk Analysis

  • Political risk ratings and profiles

  • Analysis of key political risks from hostile government action to sovereign and corporate non-payment

  • Regular in-depth emailed analysis of global political risk issues

Proactive alerts also notify subscribers when conditions worsen or improve around the world, providing contextual analysis and advice for managing what can be fast-paced and volatile situations.

Global Intake helps users monitor, manage and mitigate risks by providing them with comprehensive yet concise analysis and advice. This allows organisations to achieve goals, increase profit and stay ahead of the competition without compromising safety, even in the world’s most challenging environments.


User licensing and packages

Travel and Security Risks
Country security profiles
1-100 Security risk ratings
Travel risk profiles
Medical risk profiles
Analytical briefings
Security incident mapping and graphing
Advanced search of security incidents and updates
All emailed advisories, updates and alerts
Political and Economic Risks
Country politics and economics profiles
1-100 Political risk ratings
Analytical briefings
Advanced search of political and economic incidents and updates
All emailed advisories, updates and alerts
API Data Feed
Isolate and access any part of Global Intake 2.0 as a restful API data feed
Integrate Global Intake 2.0 country risk data into your platform or product
Emailed advisories, updates and alerts
Country profiles
Security and political risk ratings
Security incident mapping

A range of packages, features and licensing options are available.

For more information, or to arrange subscription access or a free trial please fill in a contact formemail us or call us on +44 (0) 20 3816 9970.