Contact us to learn how our experienced international team can support your organization with:

  • Preparedness planning
  • Impact analysis 
  • Building resilience and protective measures
  • Business continuity
  • Communication and monitoring
  • Analytical insights
  • Emergency response
  • Security planning – e.g. shutdown and limiting access 
  • Evacuation planning 
  • Quarantine support

To support you in your planning we recommend you to consider:

  • Developing a plan for the continuity of leadership in the event of absence of key leadership
  • Identifying your critical business functions, prioritised activities and essential employees
  • Setting up alternate teams of employees who can be deployed at different work schedules – Team A works in the office while Team B works from home. Team A and B could swap locations each week but should remain segregated to avoid risk of infection between the two teams
  • Preparing a work from home strategy for those employees who can work in this manner – working from home should ideally be tested before it becomes necessary
  • Identify workable solutions to ensure the wellbeing of higher risk employees
  • Drafting language that clearly articulates the work instructions and performance standards and amend employee job descriptions as needed
  • Testing essential communications technologies and resource requirements needed to work from home e.g. videoconferencing
  • Testing technologies such as bandwidth, security and employee-to-employee interconnectivity, needed to support increased server load associated with working from home
  • Preparing a work-transfer strategy for tasks and processes that can be transferred to other offices outside any particular geographical areas of concern
  • Communicating with key suppliers and partners throughout the supply chain and understand their continuity plans that they have in place and how these might impact your own operations e.g. IT suppliers, etc.
  • Incorporating essential suppliers and service providers and dovetail with your business continuity measures
  • Understanding the operational impact of any express force majeure clauses that might be in place in any existing contractor or vendor contracts
  • Understanding operational exposure to potential insolvency of key contractors, vendors, outlet landlords, etc.
  • Reviewing your existing insurance coverages with brokers and carriers and amend coverage accordingly
  • Checking employee health and life-insurance policies, and identifying any limitations in those policies – is there an exclusion clause for pandemics?
  • Reviewing your legal responsibilities related to data protection issues around sensitive medical information of employees
  • Ensuring crisis communications and public relations plans are robust and up-to-date – draft amendments as appropriate.
  • Reviewing or implementing procedures for any employees not cooperating with your infection control measures
  • Empowering senior managers with the authority to postpone large group meetings which may increase the risk level for company employees, clients or customers

AKE can help you adapt your existing crisis response plans, deliver bespoke planning and/or provide you with our adaptable preparedness plan. Get in touch to learn more.

The fluid nature of COVID-19 related regulation, including stay at home notices (SHN) for travellers arriving in Singapore from an increasing list of locations, has inevitably resulted in heightened difficulties and uncertainty.

Drawing on our three decades of experience delivering crisis response solutions to our clients globally, AKE’s Stay at Home Notice Support Services are designed to deliver duty of care, ensuring the health and wellbeing of team members impacted by these restrictions, and enable business continuity.

Located at a central 4 star hotel in Singapore, AKE’s Stay at Home Notice Support Services include:


  • Accommodation
  • Daily meals
  • Laundry
  • Wi Fi
  • Welcome wellness pack
  • Daily temperature, wellness and location tracking & other compliance requirements via the AKE Know App
  • Personal exercise & mental wellbeing kit

Enhanced Services

  • 24/7 Concierge
  • Secretarial services
  • Shopping service
  • Clinical appointment transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Geopolitical and economic analysis

Contact us for more information or for booking enquiries. +65 8121 5906

*other global locations are available on request.

We have prepared these simple guidelines to support you:

  • Use only non-contact infrared forehead thermometers
  • Hold the thermometer 3-5 cm from the person’s forehead
  • Person must hold still for at least 3 seconds – movement may give a false reading
  • Person should be indoors and away from direct sunlight
  • Person should move any hair from forehead before taking temp
  • The person is positive for a fever if the temp is reading 38 c or 100.4 f
  • The metabolic rate of children and ovulating women may result in a slightly higher than normal temp.
  • Similarly, the slower metabolic rate of adults over 65 may result in a slightly lower than normal temp.

We can support your business remotely. AKE is delivering awareness and medical briefings, continuity planning and response for our clients globally.

AKE’s Insights team is continuously monitoring and analysing the global political, societal, economic and security environment with reference to COVID-19. Check out our latest posts here and sign up to receive insights directly to your inbox.

For longer term operational or project durations, gain insight on country risk analysis, strategic forecasting and risk mitigation advice for clients affected by security, travel and political risk issues around the world with our global risk platform, Global Intake.

The Economics of COVID-19

With the tangible economic impact of COVID-19 claiming commercial victims across multiple sectors, we are regularly updating our special report, “The Economics of COVID-19” which is available for free here.

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Sustainable oil prices

Oil price sustainability is a major concern across multiple sectors as markets react to the anxiety surrounding COVID-19 and its repercussions globally.

This infographic shows the budgeted oil price and the oil price we believe these countries can sustain over 18 months.


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