News and updates

  • Maldives: Sinking literally and politically
    Date first published: 13/02/2018 Key sectors: all Key risks: political instability; debt repayments; geopolitical rivalry The Maldives’ President...
    21 February 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 19 February 2018
    Americas: Brazil’s Congress to discuss government-backed pension reform Sectors: all Key Risks: policy uncertainty; delays to fiscal reform agenda I...
    19 February 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 12 February 2018
    Americas: Uncertainty over the future of ELN peace talks to persist Sectors: all Key Risks: terrorism; insurgency In Colombia, uncertainty over the fu...
    12 February 2018
  • Diamonds aren’t forever
    Date: 30/01/2018 Key sectors: mining Key risks: diamond dependence One of the world’s poorest countries at independence in 1966, Botswana swiftly...
    07 February 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 5 February 2018
      Americas: US considering sanctioning Venezuelan oil to increase pressure on Maduro Sectors: all, particularly oil and gas Key Risks: sanctions;...
    05 February 2018
  • AKE Analyst on CNBC: ‘Oligarch list’ a sigh of relief for many in Russia
    Max Hess, senior political risk analyst at AKE International, discusses a list of Russia’s wealthiest released by the U.S. Treasury. Max also d...
    31 January 2018
  • Iran – Iraq: Oil deal in Kirkuk likely to undermine Turkey
    Date first published: 23/01/2018 Key sectors: energy Key risks: political stability; regional competition On 9 December, Iraqi Oil Minister Jabal a...
    31 January 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 29 January 2018
    Americas: Ecuador to held referendum on constitutional reform Sectors: all Key Risks: policy continuity; political stability; regulatory changes In Ec...
    29 January 2018
  • China – US: Investment in the US hits a wall
    Date first published: 16/01/2018 Key sectors: all Key risks: M&A refusal On 3 January Chinese fintech company Ant Financial’s US$1.2bln move ...
    24 January 2018
  • Ones to Watch, 22 January 2018
    Americas: Court to decide on Lula da Silva’s appeal against conviction Sectors: all Key Risks: civil unrest; political instability; corruption fallo...
    22 January 2018
  • AKE Special Report: China’s 19th National Congress and the Economy
    The 19th National Party Congress and China’s EconomyWhile the Communist Party’s quinquennial National Congress is the biggest event in the Chinese...
    19 January 2018
  • Presidential election highlights the potential future risks
    Date first published: 09/01/2018 Key sectors:all Key risks:civil unrest; political instability The nationwide protests, which began on 28 December in...
    17 January 2018