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  • Ones to Watch, 19 August 2019
    Americas: Argentina to face further financial turmoil as crisis intensifies Sectors: all Key Risks: economic risks; political instability; policy cont...
    19 August 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 12 August 2019
    Americas: Southern Copper’s Tia Maria project licence suspended due to protests in Peru Sectors: oil & gas Key Risks: business disruption; frus...
    12 August 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 5 August 2019
    Americas: President Macri expected to come second in Argentina’s 11 August primary elections Sectors: all Key Risks: policy continuity; political st...
    05 August 2019
  • AKE’s Head of Political Risk Maximilian Hess on Channel 4 News
    AKE’s Head of Political Risk Maximilian Hess on Channel 4 News
    AKE’s Head of Political Risk and Principal Analyst for Europe & Eurasia spoke with Channel 4 News’ Jon Snow about a series of anti-gov...
    30 July 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 29 July 2019
    Americas: Bilateral US-Venezuela tensions to remain high despite Chevron’s license renewal Sectors: oil and gas Key Risks: business risks; exprop...
    29 July 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 22 July 2019
    Americas: Puerto Rico to face further protests, heightened political instability risks Sectors: all Key Risks: civil unrest; protests; political ...
    29 July 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 15 July 2019
    Americas: Mexico’s Trans-Isthmus trade corridor to face increasing local opposition   Sectors: trade; transport Key Risks: civil unrest; local opp...
    15 July 2019
  • Kenya-Somalia: Toward a precipice
    Date first published: 18/6/2019 Key sectors: oil and gas Key risks: territorial dispute; external conflict; terrorism A long-standing dispute over th...
    20 June 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 17 June 2019
    Americas: Government to support mining sector as local referendums loom in Ecuador Sectors: mining; extractive industries Key Risks: FoP; local refer...
    17 June 2019
  • Tunisia: Chahed’s Challenges
    Date first published: 11/6/2019 Key sectors: all Key risks: political stability The new kid on Tunisia’s fractious political block has elected an u...
    13 June 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 10 June 2019
    Americas: Brazilian Supreme Court approves Petrobras divestments; LyondellBasell ends Braskem talks Sectors: oil and gas; petrochemicals Key Risks: bu...
    10 June 2019
  • Ones to Watch, 3 June 2019
    Americas: Violent anti-government protests expected to continue in Honduras Sectors: all Key Risks: civil unrest; looting; business disruption; politi...
    03 June 2019