Freelance journalist safety and security consultations

AKE International is delighted to have teamed up with Rory Peck Trust and Frontline Freelance Register to provide free, one-to-one journalist safety consultations for freelance journalists, photographers and filmmakers. 

Security advisors from a range of organisations will be available on THURSDAY 13 JULY 2017, at London’s Frontline Club in central London, to provide personal, one-to-one guidance on general safety issues, risk assessment, assignment planning and digital security. Guidance is intended to give freelancers access to knowledge and expertise that will help them improve their safety practice, as well as answer questions.
Individual consultations will last up to 30 minutes and can be booked for safety/risk assessment and digital security. They are being provided FREE OF CHARGE to freelancers at all stages of their career.  One-to-one Skype consultations are also available for those who cannot travel to London.

Visit the Rory Peck Trust site to register. 
Deadlines for applications: Monday 3rd July 2017

Hostile environment training, intelligence and security for journalists

We recently published an AKE Special Report on security risks affecting journalists in hostile environments. These increasingly complex and serious risks underscore the importance of hostile environment trainingcommunications, and intelligence when planning and deploying to hostile environments. Organisations such as the Rory Peck Trust provide assistance to freelance journalists to work safely in challenging environments.  

AKE's hostile environment training courses, risk assessments and security services are tailored to each project. For details, pricing options and to learn more about our approach to journalist safety, please contact us.