Date published: 20/09/2017

Analysis of the environment for PPP projects in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina

Public – Private Partnerships (PPPs) are widely regarded as an effective and collaborative way for countries to address financial and development needs. Across Latin America, there has been significant growth in the number of PPP projects, attracting large amounts of investment.

This AKE Special Report looks at the environment for PPP projects in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, highlighting the progress that has been made but also outlining where improvement is still needed. Several countries in the region have made progress in developing their PPP legislative and regulatory frameworks, including new PPP legislation and the allocation of PPP-specific units. However, implementation challenges such as improving transparency in the PPP development process and the recurrent prominent role of corruption continue to threaten the full development of this tool. Effectively tackling these issues therefore remains key in order for PPPs to significantly contribute to sustainable economic growth in the region. 

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