Risk Insights

  • Democratic Republic of Congo: Kamwina Nsapu violence foretells deadly conflict
    Date first published: 20/07/2017 Key sectors: all Key risks: delayed elections; violent clashes; internal conflict; human rights abuses; sanctions ...
    27 July 2017
  • India – China – Bhutan: A Sino-Indian military stand-off
    Date first published: 11/07/2017 Key sectors: all Key risks: PV, war Independent India has fought five wars. Four were with Pakistan, and ended in ...
    19 July 2017
  • Brazil: Temer’s fight for survival
    Date first published: 04/07/2017 Key sectors: all Key risks: political stability; governability; corruption fall-out; strikes and demonstrations On...
    12 July 2017
  • Saudi Arabia: A king in waiting
    Date first published: 27/06/2017Key sectors: banking; finance; consumer retail; industry; energyKey risks: frustration of process; contract frustratio...
    05 July 2017
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: #BringBackOurInternet
    Date first published: 20/06/2017 Key sectors: IT; media; online retail Key risks: reputational; democratic backsliding; business interruption; dete...
    28 June 2017
  • United Kingdom: Attempt to stabilise Westminster destabilises Northern Ireland
    Date first published: 13/06/2017 Key sectors: all Key risks: political stability A formal agreement that involves Northern Ireland’s Democratic Un...
    22 June 2017
  • Cuba: A frontier economy in crisis
    Date first published: 08/06/2017 Key risks: slow growth; sovereign payment Key sectors: tourism; agriculture 1950’s Havana was a city of giant cas...
    14 June 2017
  • Libya: The deep roots of Libyan militancy
    Date first published: 30/05/2017 Key sectors: energy; utilities; foreign investment Key risks: terrorism; civil unrest; political violence The 22 Ma...
    07 June 2017
  • Ecuador: Lenin Moreno’s turn?
    Date first published: 25/05/2017 Key sectors: all Key risks: policy continuity; political stability; governability; corruption fallout ‘I am a pre...
    31 May 2017
  • Côte d’Ivoire: After the mutiny
    Date: 18/05/2017 Key sectors: cocoa Key risks: military mutiny; budget deficit; muted economic growth On Friday 12 May, soldiers fired shots into th...
    24 May 2017
  • South Korea: Moon’s rise turns tide against chaebol
    Date first published: 09/05/2017 Key sectors: all Key risks: reform; political gridlock On 9 May liberal candidate Moon Jae-in emerged victor in So...
    18 May 2017
  • Eastern Caribbean: A successful monetary union?
    Date first published: 02/05/2017 Key sectors: all Key risks: slow growth; sovereign default There is a story, perhaps apocryphal, that before the est...
    10 May 2017